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  • Heidi Thompson

Thank the media

When an editor invites you to participate in an article, it can be such a thrill! And when the editor is well-known and respected in the industry, it's all the more exciting!

Of course, editorial opportunities take some work, but it's a good kind of work. You're an expert in your field — it's time to share some knowledge!

The article I'm talking about, due out this week, takes a look at public relations in today's world. It's a written Q&A. At first, I thought to dictate my answers... but oh, the tangents I'll go on. So I started writing, and writing, and writing. Then editing, editing, editing. The project was a top priority, meaning I didn't wait until I had spare time to work on it. I put in hours at a time to write and rewrite. It's got to be perfect, right? Well, not really — but as right as I can make it. And, finally, it was done.

The experience was exactly what I needed, and it reinforced what I know to be true: the practice of communicating with the media helps to sharpen your message. It's also important to have your story ready. As each year passes, experience enriches us. Your messaging should be updated, whether you're a tech company, a musician, a lifestyle brand, or a college student. We have the media to thank for opportunities to help sharpen our tools!

Until next time, ciao!


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