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Pantone's Treasure Trove

It’s so fitting that a colorful brand is colorful on social media. Pantone, regarded as the world’s source of color expertise, is an inspiration to any company that wants good exposure on the platform. Their recipe is simple: Be bold. Be forward-thinking. Be on the right side of history.

Year after year, this niche tech company gets more and more prime-time exposure with its brilliant Color of the Year marketing campaign. The company, whose colors are used by nearly every brand in the world, also has some tapping its experts for their new season’s color choice. The Pantone Color Institute’s consulting services helps brands to develop their color strategies.

Enter Valentino.

Pantone and Valentino just recently held a joint webinar to promote the luxury brand’s new Pantone color choice: Pink PP. In the webinar, they dug deep and discussed just how and why Pink PP came into existence: the fabric and color came first, then the Pantone team color-matched it. The love of this color runs deep for Valentino. It’s prominently featured on their website and even has its own drop-down menu!

In the marketing sphere, this is huge!

Sure, the timing might not have been ideal with Barbie the movie coming out in the same month — or maybe it was, because pink is all the rage! (But the honors for Pretty in Pink will always be bestowed to the Psychedelic Furs for the song that inspired the namesake movie.)

Caption: Valentino is one of the world’s most iconic brands in luxury fashion. These ballerina shoes in Pink PP retails for $1,220. This fashion house means business!
Valentino is one of the world’s most iconic brands in luxury fashion. These ballerina shoes in Pink PP retail for $1,220. This fashion house means business!

Low-Lying Fruit

Valentino is a perfect example of how valuable brands are embracing technological advancements, merging them into their season’s offerings, and pulling out all the stops to tout the news to their clientele.

But without others to share the spotlight, Valentino is, by default, Pantone’s luxury brand of the year. This certainly gets the Guccis, Ferragamos, Carolina Herrerras of the world thinking about their color choices. Same for the countless complementary brands and other industries that can share the stage: automotive, sports, food, hospitality. The list goes on, since every brand in the world uses Pantone colors or creates its own formula as Valentino did.

Pantone’s Treasure Trove

With Pantone involved with and used by so many brands, each creating countless more opportunities, why are so few publicized? The answer could be as simple as limited bandwidth or dollars. Not enough people to create, plan, launch, and promote them all. It takes a good team to build successful PR and marketing campaigns, especially for collaborations with major brands. But, that’s also like saying, “Hey, I have the map to a gold mine, but these random gold nuggets lying around are more than enough.”

Just capitalizing on these opportunities would be a boon for Pantone.

What we love: 

  • Pantone’s social media presence: An inspiration to companies that want exposure — bold, forward-thinking, on the right side of history

  • Marketing genius: Color of the Year (covered in all major news outlets)

  • Collaborations in 2023: Valentino 


  • Storytelling. For a niche technology company, getting attention from all the major news outlets and from every major brand in the world is a huge win with more to capitalize on.

  • Pantone and Pantone Institute websites

  • More collaborations in 2023

Big deals

For Pantone, there are more big deals like the one with Valentino. Brands want exposure, and Pantone has the opportunity to provide it, while building its own brand along the way.

Collaboration opportunities

We regularly leverage collaboration opportunities for our clients, and the results garner a strong ROI. It’s a part of the solid PR and marketing campaigns that we provide, which lead to an improved bottom line, year after year.

These are the kind of projects we love to work on, and it shows in the results we deliver. Contact us to learn more at

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