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PR is Easy

‘PR isn’t that hard until you try to do it yourself.’ This comment can make any public relations pro chuckle because it’s so true! Of course, it applies to any profession. Ask a novice to do a job performed by an expert, whether it’s a builder, doctor, teacher — and they will quickly see how involved it is.

There are many levels to PR. A PR pro might be researching the market one day and creating campaigns the next. Every day is different. We develop messaging, write content, and communicate with partners, staff, and the media. We share content online, through email, and via social media. We capture feedback, adjust accordingly, then repeat the cycle.

But of course there’s more. Much more!

Professionals who love what they do enjoy the process inside and out. They love to create new things. (This is us!)

Can anyone learn to do this work? Yes, of course...It also helps to have a knack for the job. Experts don’t start out that way. They work their way up. They train. They also have a flair for communications, the same way a good builder has a desire to pick up a hammer.

Do we encourage everyone to do PR? Yes, absolutely! The more that the community understands the process of PR, the more they value the work. The more they see how good PR moves companies forward. For our clients, the results speak for themselves, especially when

  • the market sings the praises of our their products and services;

  • partners say yes to new collaborations;

  • the media covers our clients’ news and accolades.

But there are times when not everyone is feeling the love. Like in the case of this editor who responded to the graphic that ‘PR isn’t that hard until you try to do it yourself.’

You can see his concern for yourself.

Oh snap! Yep. It’s everything we love and loathe about social media. Immediate feedback and no filter. Nonetheless, it’s the genesis for this blog article.

[PR is] “expensive and often entirely worthless,” this person writes. If he only knew that good PR is the exact opposite! We had a client score a million-dollar customer after the launch of a PR campaign. Our clients were able to sail through the pandemic with even higher sales after we amped up the communications.

‘Bring PR in-house,’ he implies. Great idea! It’s important that the person is dedicated to the role, otherwise the function may get diluted.

The point is… if you don’t have a resource in place, hire someone and get started! Whether choosing an agency, PR consultant, or in-house staffer, however it’s done, just get it done!

Keep up the training

To address the main issue of the commentator: training is key. It’s important that companies provide ongoing product training to all staff, including the PR pros — whether in house or outsourced. Remember, a PR pro is not an expert in the company's products or services, but they are the facilitators. They should know the basics, and can help to facilitate any information that the media or third parties require. 

Good PR is the lifeline of a business, just like a good sales person. With each press release and campaign, it’s a direct connection to leads. Our philosophy has always been, increase communications, increase sales! PR can take you there.

Our team provides training to our clients' in-house staff to help them develop the skills that our team has honed over the last 20+ years. We provide plans that help them to achieve their communication goals. Press releases monthly, customer testimonials, expert how-to’s — all packaged into easily digestible email campaigns to customers and prospects, for media outreach, and website and social media posts. We also help seasoned in-house pros with special projects and quarterly consultations.

Plus, it’s always good for PR people to talk PR. It’s how great things happen!

Want to know more about how PR can help your business? Contact us at for a free consultation. 


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