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Increase communications. Increase sales

There's no denying it. Increasing communications can have a direct impact on sales. Not to mention what it can do for nurturing brand loyalty. Heres's one scenario where communications can win over a new customer.  

The customer did their due diligence and decided to purchase a $15,000 widget for their business. That widget promised to change their life, and it did. But wait, there's more. The widget can offer much more, however, the company that sold it the widget has moved on to its next customer.

The competitor on the other hand, sees the opportunity. They can anticipate that it's a matter of time before their new prospect outgrows their first widget. Plus, they have more services that the prospect requires. You see a post on LinkedIn for a webinar, and you join it. You also join their mailing list.


The competitor shares with you the great things that their advanced $30,000 widget can do. They give you customer stories and inspire you to do more. You see more posts about success stories and creative ways that others are benefitting from their widget.


The communications continue throughout the lifecycle of the widget. You decide to upgrade sooner than later, and add additional services and products along the way. And if you have any questions, you can simply reply or post a message to get an answer.


Good product and good communications are two important elements to nurturer a lifelong customer. 

Increase communications, increase sales.

Mode, Frequency, and Storage

Email is number one mode for communicating with professionals, still... after all these years. Social media is anther necessity — sorry to say. Newsletters, sales promotions, customer case studies, or graphic campaigns are just some elements to incorporate into regular communications.

Keep all your content is on your website. It's the foundation for your business communications. It builds your SEO and is the first place prospects will go for more information. Update the content frequently and share links in emails and on social media.

All communications should inspire action!

Help is Here


With all the things that you have going on to keep your business running smoothly, outsourcing the communications role ensures that the outreach happens. Period! 

Think of it like having a multi-million dollar estate. Chances are that if you own one, you're not going to be out there cutting the lawn. You will, however, want to be a part of the landscape design — the bigger picture stuff. The rest, outsource it. Same for communications. Your marketing team might be stretched thin. Outsource the communications and content creation so you can focus on the bigger picture tasks. 

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